Sportcor combines the latest in advanced electronics and online gaming with traditional sports equipment. The movement data collected by the sensors delivers information such as speed, distance, force and spin to offer a fun and engaging platform that lets players, coaches and fans engage with the sport on a whole new level.

The Same Performance, Just Smarter

Developed to be competition legal with the same look, feel and performance as a standard ball.


Advanced micro-electronics record and transmit movement data to a paired device

Accessable & Affordable

The same electronics & software regardless of your age or skill level at an affordable price.

Multi-Sport Support

SmartCore available for a range of sports in both equipment and player tracking formats.

Home Simulators

Cheap, affordable and perfect for online competitions or practise

VR Simulation

Combining Virtual Reality with real world sports


Our flagship innovation features the latest in movement sensor and wireless data technology. It offers multiple sports the opportunity to record information such as ball speed, position, spin and numerous other features.


The SportCor Smart Ball has been designed to allow for maximum potential in any solid cored sports ball or piece of equipment. The jCore also has the ability to connect to other SportCor equipment such as the jBase and jBat to offer the ultimate in smart sports and high tech sports data analytics.


SportCor believes in Collaboration over Disruption which is why we partner with the world’s leading sports brands. By working with existing brands the customer can purchase a brand they know and love, the brands don’t need to get bogged down in developing difficult to manage R&D teams and SportCor can do what we do best in bringing the future to sports around the world.

Let our R&D Team help bring your sports products into the future. From smart sports equipment to fan engagement, we can help deliver the perfect tech based solution for your product or business.

  • Software and App Development.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Simulators and Experiences.
  • Electronic Hardware & Design.
  • Algorithm Development & Data Science.
  • Sports Science and Human Movement.
  • Material Science & Product Development.
  • Hybrid Online Gaming and Traditional Sports Development.

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Hype UQ Spin Labs Accelerator

March 8th, 2018|

Jetson Industries is proud to be 1 of 12 sports-tech start-ups selected to participate in the Hype UQ Spin Accelerator program. Twelve startup teams


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