The Entrepreneurs’ Programme is to supporting innovative Aussie businesses by awarding over $8.4 million in Accelerating Commercialisation grant funding.

The Accelerating Commercialisation service has been supporting businesses since 2014. In that time, more than $259 million has been awarded through 531 grants. The grant process is highly competitive, with each project undergoing an independent, merit based assessment for the chance to be awarded up to $1 million in matched funding, meaning the business must contribute an equal amount to the project.

Accelerating Commercialisation also helps these companies expand their networks through connections to angels, strategic investors and other potential partners.  Businesses leave the program having commercialised their grant project, as well as gaining in-depth  knowledge about the complexity of the commercialisation process. This enables them to get future ideas to market faster.

Commercialisation projects

In the most recent grant release, 12 Aussie businesses will share in over $8.4 million which will impact projects, across a range of sectors, locations and industries. From COVID-19 inspired diagnostic tests to computer powered cricket balls, the Entrepreneurs’ Programme is lending its unique support service to expedite the development lifecycle of a wide range of novel ideas and get them to market.

Incisive Technologies invented BlueCheck, a dental paint that makes it look like you chewed too hard on the end of your pen but one that highlights signs of tooth corrosion earlier than ever before. The blue blotted teeth enable dentists to prescribe preventative measures and help afflicted patients avoid painful and costly restoration. $1 million in grant funding allows the tooth tech company to undertake human clinical studies, develop a localised manufacturing facility, and establish key partnerships with global industry leaders to ensure BlueCheck is available at your next check-up.

COVID-19 testing has placed enormous pressure on Australia’s frontline medical workers and Melbourne based medtech business, ZIP Diagnostics’ new testing solution will ease the burden. Their molecular diagnostic testing solution for infectious diseases, including COVID-19, is low-cost, simple and fast whilst maintaining accuracy. $750,000 in grant funding helps to establish production facilities, achieve regulatory approval, and launch the product at home and abroad.

Sportcor Industries’ and their smart core technology is changing the game of cricket. In days gone by, cricket coaches lugged around clunky radar equipment to try and assess their bowlers. Now, Sportcor has invented a device that puts all that equipment inside the ball. The tiny sensing device replaces the core of a standard cricket ball and measures everything from speed, distance, force and spin without impacting weight or bounce. The data output is fed directly to the laptop or tablet in the onlooking coaches hands. Developed in collaboration with cricket mogul, Kookaburra, Sportcor and their smart ball are set to bowl over the competition as they enter the local and international markets with the help of $895,485 in grant funding.

Aussie businesses, like these three, continue to invent new products, develop new processes, and change the game for the better, just as AusIndustry and the Entrepreneurs’ Programme continue to provide support and funding.

The additional 9 projects include:

  • Accurate Dosing Systems are in the flavour and fragrance industry who has developed a robotic system to accurately dispense liquid ingredients. Their grant will allow them to scale their system and bring it to market.
  • Advanced Mobility Analytics Group uses automated analysis of traffic camera footage for predictive safety modelling. The grant will help with licensing the road safety product to national and global markets.
  • Anditi is a data driven business using statistical analysis to help organisations make better decisions, faster. Their project surveys road infrastructure and uses AI analysis for road safety, and the grant will be used to commercialise globally and help reduce road accidents.
  • Beam Australia is a recruitment and job placement agency, focussed on flexible work arrangements and gender equality. Their grant enables them to increase productivity and commercialise Beamible, a world-first work design platform for flexible hybrid models.
  • BlockTexx is a clean technology company, focussed on recycling waste for the textile and fashion industry. The grant will be used to commercialise their S.O.F.T. (separation of textile technology) process, develop Australia’s first textile resource recovery facility and to expand their innovative process into other industries.
  • InvertiGro have invented a vertical farming system to grow produce using less water, and producing less waste. Their grant will go towards the development of user-friendly software and pilot trials to test their product.
  • Simple Food Safety develops digital solutions for more effective food safety compliance. They will use the grant to commercialise their Food Safety and Consumer Meal Management Software solution.
  • USM design and develop next generation safety monitoring devices. Their integrated package of wearable personal safety monitor devices and management software provide a complete safety system for workers in large, complex settings. Their grant will be used to commercialise the device, and validate the solution with large corporate customers.
  • VetDB has built an online platform to manage medical data and connect the veterinary health sector. VetDB will use their grant to commercialise their online product, conduct clinical trials, and scale-up adoption in Australia and abroad.

About Accelerating Commercialisation

Under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, Accelerating Commercialisation provides expert guidance and connections to help businesses and researchers to commercialise their novel product, process or service. After receiving commercialisation advice, businesses can access matched grants of up to $1 million to assist in the commercialisation process.

Facilitators provide guidance and mentorship to help achieve project objectives, with an opportunity to access networks to help make important business connections, create opportunities, raise capital and enter new markets. Facilitators will also introduce potential exposure to investors and multi-national corporations through domestic and international roadshows.