Apply for a role within Sportcor

Operations Associate

Dec 29, 2022

Sportcor are expanding their Operations team. We have a range of exciting opportunities, adding value to both cricket performance and fan engagement domains, working at the forefront of sports technology by delivering world-leading technological solutions to take professional cricket into a new and exciting sphere.

As an Operations associate, you will be responsible for assisting Sportcor’s operational team deliver and operate our cutting-edge smart ball in match and training scenarios. You’ll deliver, support and manage new and novel performance insights with the best players and coaches in the sport, across the globe.

You will get the opportunity to travel (a lot), sampling differing cultures and most importantly, immerse yourself at the coal face of operational management within high-performance sport and technology.

Because of the nature of cricket these days, you might be in the UK for one tournament then Bangladesh a few months later. Therefore you must hold a valid passport and not have any restrictions on where you can travel to (we’ll help with work visas of course).

Location: UK preferred but Dubai considered

Salary: competitive

Starting: January – February 2023

Main Responsibilities

  • Reporting to the head of operations, support the company’s operational team in planning and delivering match/tournament-level events.
  • As required, travel to designated cricket fixtures to liase with customers/teams/coaches, embedding yourself.
  • Assist in the logistics and planning of our ball manufacture, ensuring we have enough stock for future tournaments.
  • Become the subject matter expert for our Smartball market development: you’ll be working with coaches, performance analysts and players, so your communication skills will be strong and you’ll have a thirst for learning.
  • Work in the market to deeply understand our users, their goals, problems, workflows, their environment, and ecosystem of tools.
  • Work closely with our head of ops and CPO on future product development, using your experience of working with customers to refine future iterations of our ball and its software.
  • Design workflows and solutions, track key metrics, prioritize work, and create value for customers.
  • Assist our technical team with product development testing within the field.
  • Research the market and competition, drive strategic and tactical product decisions in relation to business integration capabilities.
  • Be the master at prioritization, balancing features and bugs, MVPs and desirable products, time constraints and user needs.

In the Field 

  • Lead the data collection effort internationally at major sporting cricket events as scheduled by the company.
  • Design and develop instruction manuals for the gateway, ball management/wake up process both analogue and digital (including video) maintain updates as required.
  • Provide one on one/team/group education and training of all Sportcor Products
  • Support with the installation, setup, calibration and operation of Sportcor technology at designated cricket fixtures. 
  • Liaise with Sportcor’s matchday operations manager; IT support personnel; venue officials; broadcast operators as required.
  • Provide quick resolutions and planning for any technical issues that may arise.
  • Take responsibility for Sportcor’s on-site operations and representing Sportcor in the best possible manner.
  • Maintenance of kit and equipment required to run Sportcor systems on site
  • Submit Matchday debrief reports to Sportcor’s Operations manager

Key attributes


  • You love cricket!
  • You share our passion to provide deeper insight into the sport we love, to change the way it’s coached and played for the better.


  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • High standard of computer literacy with a strong technical skillset
  • Preferred degree in a science, technology, or engineering course or relevant equivalent experience.
  • Ability to work under extreme pressure to tight deadlines
  • An open-minded, flexible approach to work with a real eagerness to travel overseas and domestically as required
  • Experience within data collection environments using sophisticated scientific technology/instrumentation

Apply here, quoting “Operations Associate” in your cover note.