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Our technology is rapidly being adopted by sporting clubs and leagues worldwide

Delivering Multiple Streams to our Customers

Product Sales

Hardware sales to suppliers will be done at cost, with an agreed wholesale rate for Sportcor to sell direct to the public. This allows for sensible RRP pricing with the goal of driving user subscription in software.

Mobile Application

A freemium model for players allows anyone to create a profile and use a ball without the need to own one. A paid membership gives exclusive benefits and will be at an affordable price.

Club / coach saas

A dedicated web-based platform gives coaches and clubs an advanced analytics dashboard for in-depth analysis, player monitering & management and talent recognition. 

Data Commercialisation

Data from games is made available to broadcasters for on-screen ball-by-ball data as well as deeper analysis and storytelling. Other third-party integrations such as fantasy sports will also be available.

Competitor analysis


Kookaburra are the official (red) cricket ball supplier to every main cricket-playing nation other than, India, west Indies and England for all Test Matches. The Kookaburra white ball is used exclusively in all One Day Internationals (ODI’s) and Twenty 20 matches (T20I’s) worldwide.

Sportcor has partnered with Kookaburra Sports with a 5-year exclusive deal to develop and sell the smart cricket ball.

The ball completed the initial R&D phase of the ball early in 2021, with beta testing completed in early summer  2021. The thriving commercial launch of the smartball happened at this year’s Caribbean Premier League (CPL) which was completed in September 2021.

Case Study - Caribbean Premier League

The 2021 edition of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) saw the smartball being used in every match. The CPL is a 20-over-per-team tournament, with a host of global superstar cricketers taking part.

Our smartball was used in all 33 matches where data was recorded on each delivery.

The data included release speed, pre, and post-bounce speed, and ball revolutions. These data points were all recorded and used in the world broadcast feed.

The host broadcaster received the data in real-time and used it to interact with the global TV audience throughout the tournament.

CPL Top 8 Bowling & Team Data

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